Why Most Humans Have Almost No Luck With Psychic Abilities


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17 نوفمبر 2013
Why Most Humans Have Almost No
Luck With Psychic Abilities And What
To Do About It...
The Most Important Skill You Will Ever Discover Is How
To Ignite SPIRITUAL GROWTH Inside Of Your Life - And
Here's Exactly How To Do It
Dear Friend,
Have you ever had this happen to YOU?
You felt bored with your "normal" life - like something
crucial was missing - and you wanted to try a new
adventure to find real meaning and purpose
You were meditating, but felt like it wasn't "working" -
you could just sense you were doing it wrong and it
frustrated you - and you knew that it wouldn't be long
before you gave up
You discovered a new author, and were excited to read
their supposedly "life-changing" ideas - but as soon as
you started reading it you realized it just rehashed and
repeated old info you already knew
You witnessed an amazing psychic ability you really
wanted to have - but no matter where you looked, you
couldn't find a teacher who could actually teach you
how to do it yourself
You were reading about other people's mind-blowing
spiritual experiences - and you felt inadequate like you
weren't "special enough" or "genetically gifted" for that
to ever happen to you?
Now let me ask you this:
Are you in any of these situations right now?
Is there a psychic ability in your life that you'd like to
"get" or a spiritual goal that you'd like to achieve - but
for whatever reason you just can't SUCCEED?
The Big Secret Of Psychic Success
Here's the big secret of psychic success: You Are Not
Your Body.
Think about those words for a minute.
What could this mean?
It means that, in other words, psychics don't use their
body for clairvoyance, astral projection, or healing.
They use their minds.
And if you stopped a hundred psychics on the street and
asked them what made them have a SIXTH SENSE, very
few (if any) would be able to tell you why.
The Difference Between "Average" People Who Have
"Average" Success With Spirituality - And The Psychics
Who Have INCREDIBLE Consistent Success With
For the last couple of years, I've been spending a lot of
time interviewing, watching, and getting to know even
MORE mystics who are "naturally successful" with
evolution and psychic development.
Some of them are so amazing that you probably
wouldn't believe the stories that I'd tell you about them
- really.
As I got deeper and deeper into their heads, and really
started to learn how and why they were SO DAMN
SUCCESSFUL with spirituality, I began to realize that
they knew a lot of things that most spiritual practitioners
don't know.
In other words, it was more than just knowing what to
do in each situation.
It was also knowing how things worked.
These psychics really had a mastery of human
psychology, and they used that knowledge in every
situation they found themselves in meditation.
Sometimes they'd do things that really made no sense
at all on the surface - but after they explained their
reasoning, I realized that they had a deeper
understanding of energetic dynamics that was guiding
them all along.
I realized that they basically had a window into the
minds and emotions of the psychic archetype - and that
this window gave them a kind of power that just wasn't
available to most practitioners who hadn't taken the
time to learn about it.
The Window Into A Psychic's Mind, Energy Body, And
The more I learned these secrets, and the more I learned
about how and why psychic mystics think, feel, and
behave the way they do, the more I realized that I was
going to need to write another book - a book that would
go into DETAIL and explain these mysteries that no one
had explained to humanity before.
And that's exactly what I've done.
I took all of this previously unexplained material, and I
carefully explained it all in my newest book - "Evolution:
What You Need To Know About How To Be Successful
With Spirituality".
Inside, I will reveal to you:
What "psychics" know about success with spirituality
that average people don't - and how you can use this
information to instantly trigger evolution in your life
(without being "New Age") - pg. 10
My theory of "God" and creation , I call "The Genesis of
Consciousness" (Hint: it has nothing to do with religion
or atheism - and when you know how it works and why,
it will NATURALLY empower your spirituality) - pg. 11
It took me 35 years "in the trenches" to figure one simple
rule of evolution and happiness - and I can teach it to
you in 5 minutes. This 1 thing alone will give you an
advantage that almost no other humans have (This is
the 1 main thing I wish someone would have taught me
when I first started) - pg. 28
Did you know that the single most dangerous mistake
spiritual students make when trying to evolve is also the
most common? I'll show you how to simply and easily
eliminate this disastrous mistake FOREVER - pg. 39
The terrible flaws in the way almost EVERYBODY thinks
that causes them to manifest sticky problems in their life
- and how to "reprogram" yourself so you replace those
flaws with strengths that manifest OPPORTUNITIES - ch.
The 4 most effective steps you can take for ending your
bad spiritual habits - I'll break down each one for you
and show you exactly what you can do to overcome it
for good - pg. 44
The 3 "universal steps" that absolutely anybody can take
to immediately increase their success with their
professional career, personal wealth, love and
relationships, and losing weight - ch. 2
The extremely dangerous mistakes of both Eastern and
Western medicine that has made it almost IMPOSSIBLE
for humans to be truly healthy - and how to combine the
best of both worlds, and JUMP-START personal healing
- ch. 3
The 3 simple healing methods for eliminating negative
and harmful energy - you'll be able to charge yourself
up with REVITALIZING healing energy anytime you want,
and handle any illness easily - pg. 56
The inborn genetic "triggers" that FORCE the astral body
to exit the physical body - how they work - and how to
easily make your subconscious mind "drive you" right
out of body - pg. 61
WARNING: If you don't know what the single biggest
mistake is that new practitioners make with astral
projection, you're probably making it now. I'll show you
exactly what it is and how to be sure to avoid this
deadly mistake - ch. 4
A TRUE model of how the astral planes work , so you can
effortlessly navigate the complicated maze of astral
realms. pg. 87
The secret power of the "Subconscious Mind". I'll show
you the hidden communication mechanisms - unknown
to 99% of mystics - that creep below the surface of every
meditation. Using these powerful signals will shoot right
through the mental chatter and GET YOU OUT OF BODY -
ch. 4
If you don't know the right way to do energy work,
you're probably telegraphing the message "I don't want
you to help me" DIRECTLY TO YOUR HIGHER SELF. I'll
show you the RIGHT way to see and feel energy, and the
WRONG way to do it as well - ch. 5
The one exercise you must ALWAYS do (unless you want
to fail at energy work EVERY TIME). This is a technique
that I was the first ever to discover, and you'll never find
anywhere else - pg. 98
Ever wondered about how your Kundalini and chakras
REALLY work? Here's the REAL truth about how to
TURBOCHARGE these energy centers for making leaps
and bounds with your evolution - pg. 102
The simple remedy that will instantly clean up and purify
ANY space inside your house in any situation - pg. 126
A proven method for targeting a negative astral entity
and BANISHING IT PERMANENTLY from your sacred
space (I can't wait to share this one with you!) - pg. 128
The real reason why humans are "blind and deaf"
psychically - and the simplest way to "open your eyes
and ears" for the first time ever - pg. 135
The NINE-plus things you MUST do to open your Third
Eye - (becoming clairvoyant quickly - I'll show you how
to succeed with them) - ch. 7
There are 3 things that a good psychic does every time
to get accurate visions. You can learn them in 5 minutes,
and they will improve your success overnight - pg. 142
My 100% tested technique for seeing full auras within 30
minutes, the VERY FIRST TIME you try it. - pg. 146
The one ethic and moral that a clairvoyant psychic
should adhere to for their own safety. (Hint: it's NOT
that you shouldn't "spy" on people either) - pg. 150
An "Essential Lesson" in magick - one of the most
powerfully important lessons you can learn in order to
control, change, and affect your reality however you
want.. In this book I spend an entire chapter covering
the fundamentals of this amazing dynamic. I'll give you
a TON of killer, real life insights you can start meditating
on right away. If you're looking for an instant boost to
your game , this is it - pg. 154
SEVEN of my personal favorite techniques for using the
energy of LOVE for sparking attraction in a partner,
having them fall in love with you , and STAY IN LOVE
with you FOREVER - ch. 9
How to use the powerful energy of LOVE to absolutely
revolutionize and rejuvenate the magnetism of your
energy body, and draw EXACTLY the right kind of people
into your life at the right time for spiritual growth. - ch.
and MUCH, much more.
You’ll Also Get 3 FREE Additional Bonus eBooks
And, as if that wasn't enough, I've also included 3 killer
free bonus books I wrote. Namely, "The 8 Personality
Types For Psychic Success", "Freedom: Coming Out Of
The Spiritual Closet" and "Ancient Secrets For Modern
Mystics". These are specially designed to help you fix
some of those annoying mental and emotional issues
you've been facing with spirituality.
I'll show you:
The 8 "personality archetypes" ALL psychics and
mystics can embody as they transform their evolution (a
surefire way to know when you're "on the right track")
How to eliminate negative thinking and programming
from your mind
The exact specific secrets that ancient mystics left for us
in their writings, and how to immediately implement
them into our modern spiritual practice for mental clarity
and instant happiness
A thousand-year-old breathing technique that
INSTANTLY puts you into deep trance, recirculates your
energy and makes you feel DELIGHTFUL
As easy way to "come out of the closet" , and reveal to
your friends and family that you are psychic... and do it
in a way that makes them EXCITED and PROUD of you
(and not disappointed or ashamed)
And A LOT more...
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